Sunday 19 August 2018

The Bread Bible - Spicy Herbed Breadsticks

It's been so long since I've blogged or baked anything from the Bread Bible. It's really hard to get back into the swing of things but I think I've just got to grasp the nettle, yank off the bandaid and get back on the horse etc, etc. And what better way to start back than with some alien fingers, aka Spicy Herbed Breadsticks. It's so long ago I have almost no memory of making these although I do remember I had to make them in my toaster oven so they're a bit shorter then the recipe suggests. 

They were a bit fiddly (i.e. you have to roll them out and cut them up) which always tests my patience. Also I used semolina to dust the bench when rolling them out and it was probably a bit too coarse (it was just what I had in the pantry). I'm not sure I did justice to the recipe but they were very crunchy and surprisingly spicy (Why a surprise, you ask, given the name? I think it was the degree of spiciness that I didn't expect.) I don't think I'd make them again - if I'm having people over these days I prefer to buy this kind of thing and concentrate on making the main dishes myself. 

Next on the list to try is Mediterranean Matzoh. I like matzoh and I'm sure these would be tasty but they're not yeasty bread...which is precisely why I got stuck at this point in the Bread Bible bake-through list. I intended to skip them but found that difficult too and so here we are at an impasse. Obviously I need some sort of therapy but I think I'll just try and push through, so next up is not bread but cake - Cinnamon Crumb Surprise. My favourite type of cake (apart from all the other types which are also my favourite). See you soon.


  1. great photo! i've made them to bring to a dinner party so they could make the rest of the dinner!

    1. Thanks Rose. That's a good idea to take them as a contribution to someone else's dinner party. I'd have to practice before I took them anywhere, I really don't think I gave them enough attention the first time.