Sunday 11 February 2018

The Bread Bible - Potato Buttermilk Bread

I'm putting this up for posterity only because I remember almost nothing about making this bread at the end of last year. I also only have photos of the finished product so there are no clues there either. 

What I do remember was that my loaf wasn't potato flavoured in the way I expected it to be. There is a very small amount of potato flour in proportion to the bread flour in the recipe. I haven't researched potato flour in the US but perhaps it's different to the flour in Australia. I've made a pastry using mashed potato mix (the old Deb variety of school camp nightmares) for a Scandinavian savoury Christmas pie from this book which was absolutely delicious and potato-ey so perhaps that was what I was expecting.

Anyway it made quite a nice looking loaf. I'm still in catch up mode for the Bread Bible Bakers and I've temporarily skipped a couple of things I've made previously but I'll come back to them (because who could resist another excuse to make the delightful Banana Feather Loaf?).

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