Saturday, 28 January 2017

Bread Bible - Herb Spiral Bread

I have a few breads to make (four to be exact) to catch up with the Bread Bible Bakers' monthly schedule. I got a bit behind at the end of last year. I did make this herb version of the Cinnamon Spiral Bread last year just before I went interstate for Christmas. And when I say just before, I mean a few hours before I caught the plane. Which is why I forgot to take a photo of the finished bread.

I made the cinnamon version for the Baking Bible bake-through so I decided to try the herb alternative. It's a very easy bread to make and I didn't have any problems either time. I used a mixture of spring onion, chives and parsley in the spiral but it turned out to be too oniony (my own fault for using both chives and spring onion). I think it would have been better with cream cheese or something else to smooth out the herby taste.

This is a nice bread but, as a savoury bread, it's not really sturdy enough for my taste. I really like the rustic rip-it-apart-with-your-bare-teeth kind of bread. I'm looking forward to making the hearth bread the beginning of which is currently fermenting in my fridge. But up next on the blog will be the Irish Soda Bread.

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