Thursday, 26 January 2017

Alpha Baker belated catch-up - Luscious Apple Pie

Apple pie is still my favourite type of fruit pie, even after testing all the Baking Bible new and wonderful varieties of pie filling. The Luscious Apple Pie was part of the Baking Bible bake-through but I missed out on making it. I eventually baked it before we finished the bake-through but I ran out of time to blog about it. Here it is now anyway in pictures. 

It was a long time ago that I made it now but this is what I can remember:
  • I combined some of the steps for preparing the apple and the caramel sauce because it seemed overly complex and if you've read a few of my posts you may have noticed that my patience for folderols is minimal and I do love a short cut. 
  • I seem to remember having not once but twice drunk the apple juice that was meant to be part of the sauce before I got around to baking it, so my pie was juice free.
  • I used my favourite mechanised apple peeler and corer/cutter - this makes preparing the apples fun rather than tiresome. In fact I gave my father the same apple peeler for Christmas after he admired mine. It's not like he needed an apple peeler but some things are irresistible. My nephew saw it and now he wants one but I think the blades are a bit sharp for a five year old.
  • The apple was a bit on the firm side so next time I might pre-cook it or slice it a bit thinner, although it may have been that I didn't adjust the sauce enough for the lack of juice.
  • I got to use my lovely new urban landscape plate, a present from my brother and sister-in-law (thanks J & M :) ).
  • And predictably... my colleagues LOVED it!

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