Thursday, 17 November 2016

Chocolate sweetheart madeleines/blobs

These Chocolate Sweetheart Madeleines were easy to make in the sense that whizzing the mixture upon the stand mixer took very little time or effort. The devil, as they might say if they were bakers, is in the moulding. And decorating. 

I only had one single madeleine mould. Why just one, you ask? I think I wanted one years ago but they were expensive. And only available singly. And in non-non-stick (is that stick, then?). So, that being the case, I decided to make a couple of madeleines shapes and the rest in my mince pie tray. This worked quite well except that madeleines without the characteristic shell shape are really just cake blobs. Delicious but meaningless.

My other challenge with these was the chocolate glaze. Once again I'm reminded that effort equals results in decorating. It may have been the re-purposed leftover chocolate sauce from the swiss roll we made the other week. It may have been my slap-happy application of the glaze with the pastry brush. Or all of the above. The result was that I wasn't very happy with the way my madeleines looked at the end. And particularly when I saw a picture of Evil Cake Lady's beautiful looking biscuits. Not that I'm envious. Hmmph.

There was no piping of mixture and it seemed to sort itself out in the oven.

Rose specified the moulds should be half filled which was very handy and even though I just eye-balled it, they worked out well.

I'm not sure these were like traditional madeleines which I think are made with almond meal? (must google that) They did taste a lot like Rose's sour cream cake mixture which makes sense since it had sour cream in it. They were very moist, particularly with the glaze.

Not pretty, but pretty delicious. I ate a shameful number of these, one after another.

Next week (only four weeks to go I think) the Alpha Bakers are making something with pomegranate (must check).

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  1. I like your mince pie tray very much! I have never seen a singular Madeleine mold. It's cute! I think your cookies look fine. Kudos to you for getting out a brush for the ganache. I just dipped mine in the bowl and let them drain. Getting the batter in the tray was fiddly enough.