Thursday, 6 October 2016

Marble White and Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

'Parker, would you like to make a cake with me?'

'No, I don't want to.'

So I had to make the Marble White and Dark Chocolate Cheesecake by myself. The soon-to-be-five year old did take some photos of the process on his brand spanking new camera but I didn't have time to download them in-between all the birthday chaos. 

This cake was easy to make (with a biscuit base) and, in the words of Parker's Mama, was also 'friggen delicious!'

 The birthday boy was very keen to help his Mum decorate his birthday cake. 

I skipped making the cake base and adapted the biscuit base from the Frozen Lime Meringue Pie which I really loved when the Alpha Bakers made it a few weeks ago. I made it with the usual almonds and used half Scotch Finger biscuits/half Chocolate Ripples, to replicate the chocolate flavour.

The whipped cream cheese filling is divided into two, and one, slightly bigger portion, is mixed with white chocolate, and the other with dark chocolate. The layers are then swirled to make a marble pattern. I was making this in a bit of a hurry so my twirling of the white and dark chocolate cheesecake layers was a bit rough. 

An hour in the oven and a night in the fridge and, eh voila! A certain almost-five year old may have unsuccessfully tried to swipe a crumb on his way to bed.

'Aunty Catherine, let's make a picture of us holding hands, out of rocks'

'Okay, great idea!'

'And Aunty Catherine?'

'Yes, Parker?'

'Can you put a belly button on yours?'

Next week the Alpha Bakers are making Giant Jam Cookies.


  1. The belly button makes it ! Fab cheesecake and rock picture :D

  2. Agreed, the rock picture steals the post. :)

  3. Parker is adorable! I love his football cake. Your rock picture would have been my vote for photo of the week.
    Did your crumb crust turn out soggy? Mine did, but we didn't seem to care.