Thursday, 1 September 2016

Easy-going Coconut Crisps

The epitome of quick and easy, these Coconut Crisps seem to be the most forgiving biscuits we've made so far. The coconut flavour is very subtle so those who aren't big fans of coconut needn't miss out. They're not too sweet, are nice and buttery and lovely with a cup of tea. As Marie pointed out, they're crying out to be dipped in chocolate ganache.

These went down an absolute treat at work, winning me brownie points with my new colleagues. My advice is give these a go because they're very, very easy to make and delicious to boot.

I probably should have pulverised the coconut flakes a bit more although it didn't really seem to be a problem. I often have to faff about with rolling out and cutting biscuit dough in this climate but these biscuits were no problem at all. Happy days.

Next week we're making Heavenly Chocolate Mousse Cake.

1 comment:

  1. These were a delight to make! I like the thickness of yours. Next time I'm making them a bit thicker and trying Marie's ganache idea.