Friday, 22 July 2016

Flaky Scones

If you're going to test out a new (-to-you) recipe, you probably shouldn't do it when you're tired and 'just trying to get it DONE'. On the other hand if you wait to bake them at a good time it might never happen. This was the circumstance in which I made the Flaky Scones from the Bread Bible.

And the short version of the story is that they weren't that successful. Being too slapdash meant that I rolled them out too thinly and generally handled them way too much to maintain the flakiness the recipe is intended to produce.

The resulting scones weren't that bad but they weren't that good either. My pride wouldn't let me take them to work which was a problem because the recipe makes a very large amount. Actually I found it much harder to handle this volume of dough gently. So I consigned them to the freezer.

These scones are richer and sweeter than classic English-style scones. They were certainly very tasty (and I've now eaten quite a few). They're not the kind of scones that need any condiments added. I think they're best served straight out of the oven. They'd make a nice comforting afternoon treat to serve to friends on a cold day with a cup of tea.

If I'd taken more care at this point, things could have been different. For someone who tends to have a heavy hand and gets carried away with the rolling pin, it might have been better to skip the multiple business letter folds and just press out the dough while it still had flakes of butter.

In July the Rose's Bread Bible Bakers are making Caramel Sticky Buns. Yum!


  1. Oh that's a great idea to press out the dough. I'm afraid I suffer from Slap Dash Syndrome, as well. You could always take them to work and tell people they are American style breakfast biscuits!

  2. Your English-style scones look great and thank you for your kind words for my mother..