Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Not Molasses Sugar Butter Cookies

Tempting as it was to title this post 'no yucky molasses', I resisted the urge. Well as far as the first sentence anyway. Needless to say there is no (yucky) molasses in my biscuits. When I think of molasses it's actually a fond association with the delicious and exotic sounding molasses taffy of Little House on the Prairie. However, as I discovered with the nasty molasses cakelets, fiction is sometimes exactly that. I have three-quarters of a bottle of the stuff languishing in the fridge, waiting for someone to take it off my hands.

Apart from clarifying the butter, this recipe is the epitome of quick and easy. There's not even any rolling out of the dough. And they turned out looking very nice. I'm not convinced my biscuits are quite cooked in the middle although I clarified the butter (which Rose says is the key to a squidgy but cooked middle). I haven't cooked the second batch so I might try baking them a bit longer at a lower heat.

I had a furry assistant while I was making these biscuits. I suspect the usually forbidden benchtop repose was a protest against the general topsy-turvy of the renovations. Cats aren't big fans of change, in general, and specifically not fans of moving their food bowl. 

The golden clarified butter is a lovely colour. I wonder if it should be darker but the solids were looking very dark brown and I couldn't bear to ruin all that butter. I'd put it on the stove and then unpacked multiple boxes of books and had a long phone conversation with my mother before it was anywhere near ready.

You can't tell by looking at the dough but it has quite a lot of spice in it. In fact the finished biscuits are quite gingerbread-like in flavour. 

Next week the Alpha Bakers are making Party-size Blueberry Crumble (or something along those lines).


  1. they look beautiful. the great thing about most cookies is you can always put them back in the oven to bake longer. but you can't, of course, unbake them!

  2. I too have molasses left from the molasses cakelets, dang is it supposed to be in the fridge? Mines languishing in the pantry. They sound like and look nice biscuits… are they like gingersnaps but with squidgy centres?

  3. Pretty cat! Did you sub out equal parts golden syrup for the molasses? That sounds delicious. I love molasses and my favorite taffy is molasses from the beach boardwalk that's been making it for a hundred years or there about. I guess it's one of those either or things; either like it or don't. There's not much of a gray area.

  4. What a beautiful fur-baby you have! Your cookies look good too - I've been toying with the idea of making them... might make the dough tonight and bake in the morning.

  5. I love your idea of Golden syrup and I will try it too your biscuits looks lovely.

  6. Love your golden syrup idea - will try it out next time!