Sunday, 15 May 2016

A Virus and a Raspberry Buckle

The Never Ending Virus (which, as you might have guessed, just. won't. go. away.) has made it very hard to get around to writing about the Raspberry Buckle (aka the Blueberry Buckle), so this will be a short and slightly phlegmy post. 

Reading the recipe for the Buckle (great name) lead me to reminisce about my mother's baking again. At first I thought the buckle sounded like a fruity version of a pudding Mum used to make; which was a plain pudding (a moist cake mixture) made in a pudding bowl with just enough jam underneath to flavour the pudding. This is a similar concept but actually the buckle is more like fruit pie filling topped with a thin cake layer.

The buckle was really delicious although I wished I'd bought some ice-cream to eat with it. I substituted raspberries for the suggested blueberries because I like them better, and they made a lovely, slightly sour contrast to the sweet pudding.

The raspberries were a bit sour because I cut down the sugar. The fruit part of the recipe included lemon zest and juice as well as sugar and cornflour - you can see why I said it was like a pie filling. I left out the cornflour as well as cutting down the sugar. I tipped out a bit of juice from the macerating (frozen) raspberry mix because it was quite liquid. The reject juice was delicious.

I only made a half quantity because it's not the sort of thing you can easily take to work. Next time I'd use a smaller dish to bake it so the pudding was a bit deeper. Actually I could have just eaten the batter raw - it's definitely in the top ten most delicious batters.

I should point out that the recipe instructs us to leave a gap between the edge of the dish and the batter. This time it's actually not another example of my slapdash-ness.

So over all it seems that the verdict is delicious at every stage. I'm particularly fond of puddings and I'm going to add buckle to my list of favourites. 

Next week the Alpha Bakers are making Chocolate Ganache Tartlets.


  1. Hope your virus does end… soon! I'm fond of puddings too, loved those puddings with the raspberry jam in the bottom as a child… I do want to make this buckle one day… with raspberries like you did, sounds delicious !! :D

  2. Gosh, hope you get better soon. That batter was so delicious! I was glad I didn't have to share the bowl and beater with any grandchildren.
    Raspberries sound delish for this recipe and they are so pretty.