Thursday, 28 April 2016

Rugelach and Schnecken

Schnecken. What a great word. I just had to make this entertainingly named variation on the Rugelach: not only for the opportunity to say 'schnecken' a lot but also because I thought the shape might come out better. I was marginally right on the latter. I just don't seem to have the knack with these biscuits. I've made them as Christmas biscuits for several years and mine always look like they've been dragged behind a truck. They do taste lovely though.

Part of my problem might be the amount of this absolutely delicious dough I 'sample' before it gets to the rolling out stage. I think of it as a cheesecake dough. 

I blithely measured out the filling ingredients and mixed them together only to discover I was meant to keep the fruit and nuts separate. 

I think my main problem with these (which I keep repeating) is to pay too little attention to rolling out the dough to the right thickness and size. I probably need to refrigerate it for longer periods in between each step too, to take account of the heat.

The slightly more respectable-looking schnecken waiting for their turn in the oven.

Na na. Na na. Watch out! It's the Crab-elach monster!

Next week we're making crumpets, for something a bit different.


  1. Anyone can make a rugelach, but I challenge anyone to match your crabelach!

  2. It's always a fun morning to read one of your posts! Love your cookie names. I mixed the raisins and walnuts together, too. Did you find the apricot spread softened the spread? Mine sure did but it was just store bought jam so I popped them back in to chill. I'm sure I completely over creamed the dough in the food processor. Regardless, like you say, no matter the shape they sure taste good.

  3. love the crab monster! perfect for people like my husband born under the cancer sign!!!