Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The unfortunate Pizza Rustica

I have to say straight out that I did not enjoy this pie. I don't mean to blame Alpha Baker Marie for this exactly but in her foreword to The Baking Bible she urges bakers not to worry about the sweet pastry for this otherwise savoury pie. I was all ready to leave out the astounding 100g of sugar the recipe calls for when I read that. Marie wouldn't steer me wrong, I said to myself. It was just lucky I partially doubted her and halved the sugar to 50g or I couldn't have stomached it at all. Needless to say I didn't try this out on anyone else. I'm not sure why my tastebuds are so divergent from the other Alpha Bakers because they seemed to like it, on the whole. 

On the plus side the pastry was otherwise easy to make and deal with. The filling was certainly tasty but I would probably reduce the amount of mozzarella if I made it again, plus add more sausage and mix all the filling together rather than layering it.

The ill-fated pastry. 

I love ricotta and this egg and cheese mixture was delicious. It also gave me a chance to use my mouli which turned my ricotta into little worms. The sausage was pretty good too.

I enjoyed the latticing although my non-spatial brain was confused by the 45 degree angle required for the lattice. I managed to approximate something like it.

The pie turned out looking quite nice but that only made it doubly disappointing when I tasted it. I ate quite a bit of it without the pastry for a number of meals in a row then threw out the rest. Ho, hum.

Next week we're making a cake with fondant icing. Now that's going to be an interesting exercise for the decoratingly-challenged.


  1. Wow, Catherine, this is impressive lattice work. Maybe this is supposed to be one of those sweet savory things, like sweet and sour sauce, which I have never liked? I really like your pan. Had to google mouli to see what it was. So do you think you would have liked this if it didn't have the sugar? What a disappointment after all the effort.

  2. I'm sorry I steered you wrong, but I loved the dough! I make no promises about the fondant.

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  4. Cathrine, I am so sorry you did not like the sweet and savory combination. In my business, I use that concept as much as I can. Your lattice work is beautiful

  5. your pizza looks amazing,I hear your frustration all this hard work and not enjoying the meal.