Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Mini Gateaux Breton, ho hum, ho hum

Well, it was a pretty average week of baking for me. First I had ho hum results with the Bread Bible Pretzel Breads, after which I produced tasty but unimpressive looking Mini Gateaux Breton for the Alpha Bakers' Baking Bible project. Have I lost my baking mojo? Or was it something more mundane such as too much moisture in the biscuit dough? I'm not sure, but I cooked the dough in two batches, a day apart, but they both came out fluffy on the bottom. I put the second batch in some mini baking papers so at least they looked cheery. The flavour was more developed with the second batch of biscuits when the dough had been in the fridge for a day.

These were certainly quick and easy to make. The only 'complication' was the toasting of almonds before grinding them. 

The biscuits were meant to be baked in mini brioche tins (which did look very sweet) but they're difficult to find, so I used a baking tin I had in the cupboard with mini-sized shapes.

Unfortunately the bottom of the biscuits came out fluffy/crumbly rather than smoothly replicating the swirl from the bottom of the baking tin as I'd hoped. 

Next week we're baking Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Tart.


  1. Love that pan! Maybe greasing the pan next time? These would be so pretty with the design. Still, they taste good especially with a cup of tea.

  2. I like your fluffy top biscuits..look so cute! I know that pan..i have been looking for it to buy to bake mini sponge cake in them. The one I have now is smaller than come to think of it I could have also used that too for these cookies.

  3. The design looks too delicate for these cakes.