Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Baking banana split chiffon cake with Parker

Hey Parker, do you want to make a cake with me? We have to take pictures and put them on the internet. It's called a Banana Split Chiffon Cake.'

'Aunty Catherine, we're going to make a cake an' take pictures. Cos I want to.'

'226 grams, that's enough banana'.
'But I want to put more in.'
'Well that's all we need for the recipe.'
'But I want to put more.'
'You can eat that bit.'
''I don't want to.'

'I'm going to mix it with my hands, Aunty Catherine.'
'Good thing you washed your hands.'

'How's the mixing going?'

'Finished mixing yet?'
'No. Not yet'

'Aunty Catherine, Look, I've got flour all over my hands.'

'Have you got that egg yolk? Oh, well, we'll try another one.'

'Okay, just a drop more vanilla. Not too mu...! Oh, well, that should be okay.'

'Parker, I've finished the noisy mixing. Do you want to help me tip the batter into the tin?'
'Parker? Parker? Parker...?

'Did you try the cake Parker? What did you think? Was it nice?'

'Yes, I had a bit and it was a bit nice but then it was a bit yucky. Cos it was too much vanilla.'

Happy birthday to a gorgeous four year old (cos I'm a big boy now). Next week it's unfortunately back to just me baking Fudgy Pudgy Brownie Tart.

*Photo credits to Pilar Tronzik (Parker's mama).


  1. How delightful! This is just the best post ever. Baking with children is a joy, even if it takes loads of patience and humor! I love that picture of his hands in the bowl of flour..."too much vanilla"-that's priceless.

  2. I love this post! I hope Parker gets to bake with you again.

  3. Lovely post. A lot of fun. Marcie Goldman advises to double the vanilla in any cake recipe.

  4. What a lovely banana split chiffon cake and who's that little precious little girl's hands I see helping, that is so sweet ,she wants to learn how to bake and lovely blog step by step.

  5. LOL! So cute! Must be so fun having your nephew bake with you. You are so patient too!

  6. so reminds me of baking with nephew Alex! adorable posting.