Wednesday, 22 July 2015


This is going to be a quick and dirty post since I'm running behind time and trying to beat the cut off for Marie's round up this week. 

Luckily the most complicated part of this week's Alpha Baker project was the name of the biscuit, which I couldn't pronounce even with the phonetic key provided in the Baking Bible:

Ingredients:    minimal and straightforward
Process:          fun, fast and easy in the stand mixer
Dough:            soft with crunchy nuts, reached extreme high on the delicious barometer
Moulding:       easy peasy roll into balls and squish
Baking:           problem free 15 minutes in the oven
Final result:   crumbly, nutty and delicious almond biscuits

Painful parts:  
- clarifying butter is sooooo boring but the solution is to do it ahead of time while you're watching TV (as long as you don't get too engrossed in the program)
- chopping nuts finely and there's nothing to do but soldier on with this task. Using a machine is likely to get you dust rather than bits.

I highly recommend these Greek biscuits and I'm thinking of adding them to my Christmas biscuit repertoire.  The only issue might be their extreme crumbliness but this could be solved by careful packaging.

The process in pictures:

Do you have a landline phone still? I do, primarily because my parents still use it to ring me. I tend not to answer it unless I know it's my parents ringing because the only other people who ring it are charities and political organisations. I don't want to speak to any of them generally, and definitely not at dinner time. However I got caught the other day and ended up agreeing to sell a book of raffle tickets. I shouldn't complain too much since I've done it before and the charity is very worthy of support. I'm not a great salesperson though and last time I ended up buying most of the book myself. This time I have a better sales plan. Buy a ticket and receive a complementary almond biscuit. I'll let you know how I go.


  1. Your cookies look so delicious they are sure to buy a book of raffle tickets!

  2. I agree with Vicki, that your cookies will definitely be the star by for a book of raffle tickets! I also don't like to pick up phone calls at home. That's cos I am always picking up phone calls at work and that is the last thing I want to do. Also computer too.. I too don't want to look at computer screen over weekend. The plus is I have a squeeky voice so those sales people who calls will ask me for my 'parents' to be on the phone..and I will reply that they are not at home. LOL! And It's true! lol!

  3. I'd buy a raffle ticket from you to get a complimentary kourambiethes :) they look fab!!! I still have a landline, have reception problems on some mobiles "blind spots" apparently from those who promise "coverage all across Australia". Great photos in your post, good luck selling your tickets.

  4. I still have a landline too. Your cookies look great. And me too, I'm adding them to my christmas cookie list. Real winners.

  5. No worries. I've been out of town and won't have the roundup done until Thursday or Friday.

  6. No worries. I've been out of town and won't have the roundup done until Thursday or Friday.

  7. Hi Catherine: I am in full agreement about the landline phone, it seems that it's never good news when it rings! Your cookies look wonderful, and I love this recipe so much! Sounds like several of us will be sending these for Christmas this year. Stop by and see my results if you have a moment.